Welcome to ‘Filling the empty nest’

Welcome to Filling the empty nest. I’m about to have an empty nest for the first time ever as my only child heads of to explore the world. I’ve never really lived alone except for 6 months between the break up of my marriage & the birth of my daughter. The last 18 years though has been organised around my little family of daughter and me. It’s been a busy time, I’ve raised a child on my own, gotten a BTeach and an MEd, lost both parents and brought a beautiful home but now the focus will shift from family to me. I’m really not sure what that’s going to mean but I thought charting it might be funny at least as I stumble though :-)

house before I moved in                                                                                  This is the empty nest I’m aiming to fill. Note that this pic looks great as it was taken by the real estate agent it’s not nearly that clean for me and the lawn is way smaller than it looks. Real estate agents must have magic cameras :-)